Future Earth regional workshop for Europe

13-14 mai 2013 - Fondation Simone et Cino del Duca, Paris


En 2013 les Bureaux Régionaux de l'ICSU ont organisé des workshops régionaux  au cours des derniers mois pour discuter ce que peuvent être pour leur région les nouveaux axes thématiques apportés par "Future Earth", mais aussi prendre la mesure des craintes que peut soulever cette transition. Le workshop européen "Future Earth Regional Workshop for Europe"  a réuni une centaine de personnes invitées, les 13-14 mai 2013 à Paris à la Fondation Cino del Duca (Institut de France).


Programme et présentations

  • Report from the workshop - PDF
  • Programme - PDF
  • List of Participants - PDF


  Monday 13 May               



10:00 - 10:15   Welcome
10:15 - 13:00   Plenary Sessions
10:15 - 11:15   Chair: R. Leemans 
    Introduction on Future Earth: 
    M. Visbeck: Future Earth research for global sustainability - PDF
    S. Wilson: Future Earth implementation - Engagement, governance, secretariat, programme and project transition, funding and activities - PDF
    H. Hackmann: A changing global environment for science - PDF
11:15 - 12:00   Sustainable development goals and Europe: 
    G.Glaser: Science and sustainable development goals (SDGs) - PDF
    J. Wejchert: A decent life for all - Ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future - PDF
    L. Tubiana 
12:00 - 13:00   Round table on global environmental change science:  
    G. Mace: Biodiversity ans ecosystems: Opportunities and challenges for Future Earth research
    C. Le Quere: Earth system interactions including humans

A. Dahan: Humanities and social sciences in the new framing of Future Earth - PDF

14:15 - 16:10   3 Breakout sessions on a first set of questions 
    The added value of Future Earth for European research: Fears and expectations? 
    Disciplinary versus transdisciplinary
    Given the framework presented, how could Future Earth contribute to existing research priorities in Europe
    What kind of new research activities would you like to see conducted within Future Earth in Europe?  
    What kind of outreach or other activities would you like to see conducted within Future Earth Europe? 
    What would success look like for Future Earth in Europe? What would success indicators be? 
16:45 - 18:45   Plenary Sessions 
    Report from breakout sessions Day 1
    Report from group A - PDF
    Report from group B - PDF
    Report from group C - PDF
    Conclussions of Day 1: R. Leemans 


Tuesday 14 May             



08:45 - 10:00   Plenary Sessions 
    Chair: M.L. Chanin 
    Trandisciplinary and co-design 
    X. Leroux: Towards synergies between Future Earth and key actors of the European research area - Benefiting from their skills to promote international integration, transdisciplinarity and co-design
    J. Ingram: GECAFS - Reflections on stakeholder engagement - PDF
10:20 - 11:50   Coordinating GEC research at national level:
    D. Wilhemsson: A Swedish meeting point and gateway for global environmental change research
    M. Visbeck: German committee Future Earth - PDF
    Ch. Ritz: Are national initiatives the key to Future Earth' success? - PDF
    H. Le Treut: Global changes, climate services and multidisciplinarity: some aspects of the relevant research in France - PDF
    N. Lourenço: European Alliance of Global Change Research Committee: Goals and strategy - PDF
    T. Suni: The Pan-Eurasian experiment - an Arctic and boreal regional node for Future Earth?
12:00 - 15:30   3 breakout sessions on a second set of questions 
    How could Future Earth be implemented in Europe? 
    What infrastructure already exists and what is needed to promote and coordinate Future Earth within the European research area? 
    How to build on existing activities in Europe in areas such as data, education, capacity building, communication, interface with stakeholders, etc. to develop further transdisciplinary research GEC issues? 
    What could be the form and functions of the European regional node of Future Earth and its interfaces with European Comissions and Member States? 
15:30 - 17:00   Plenary sessions
    Funding and resources perspectives:
    A. Tilche: Horizon 2020 - PDF
    P. Monfray: Funding issues and (some) perspectives - PDF
    Reports from Breakout sessions Day 2
    Report from group D - PDF
    Report from group E - PDF
    Report from group F - PDF
    Wrap-up and homework: H. Le Treut