European Future Earth National Committee meeting- 28/04/2020

In light of the current situation (COVID-19), the European Future Earth National Committee meeting  will be we will be a online meeting instead of an in-person meeting. The meeting will be split into short blocks at different dates.

Aims of the meetings:

  • Better connect the various national structures and activitie and
  • Identify topics for potential joint activities.
First meeting: 31st of March
Provisional agenda
  1. Welcome / Agenda (
  2. Situation of National Commitees
  3. Collaboration between NCs
  4. Concrete activities planned by NCs and options for collaborations
  5. Conclusion & next steps

Second meeting: 28th of April

Provisional agenda

  1. Welcome / Agenda 
  2. Connections to international Future Earth structure: status and objectives of individual NCs
  3. Discussion on group perspectives and options for action
  4. Conclusion & next steps