Discipline :  Sociologie

Denis Salles IDDenis SALLES is  a  senior  researcher at  IRSTEA in  Bordeaux,  France,  attached  to the  "Environment, Territories,  Infrastructures" (ETBX)  unit.  He  has  held  the  Aquitaine  Chair  of Excellence since 2009. He is also head of transfer/dissemination  in the directory board of the Cluster COTE. He is member of the French  National  Committee  for  Global  Change  (CNFCG),  member of  the Action  Group  “Enabling  Societal  Transformation” of  the JPI  Climate,  Member  of  the  Regional Committee AcclimaTerra (adaptation to climate change).  

He primarily oversees research in the fields of environmental sociology and public policy, specifically focusing on how societies adapt to the impacts of global change (  His other research interests  include water adaptive  governance,  measures  to increase  user accountability,  and policy instruments relating to public participation and citizen science.  

Main publications   

  • DE GODOY LESKI, C., Marquet, V.,  Salles, D., (2018) Sociologie et recherche inclusive : prospective collaborative pour un agenda de recherche sur l’eau, Sociologies pratiques 2018/2 (N° 37), pages 25 à 38
  • ROCLE N., SALLES D., (2017) “Pioneers but not guinea pigs”: experimenting with climate change adaptation in French coastal areas » 2017, Policy Sciences, p1-17, 2017 Online First  ISSN 0032-2687, Policy Sci DOI 10.1007/s11077-017-9279-z10.1007/s11077-017-9279-z.
  • SALLES D., LE  TREUT H.,  (2017)  Comment  la  région  Nouvelle  Aquitaine  anticipe  le  changement climatique ? Comment la région Nouvelle Aquitaine anticipe le changement  climatique ? Sciences Eaux & Territoires n° 22 – 2017 p14-17
  • RUYSSCHAERT  D., SALLES D. (2016), The strategies and effectiveness of conservation ngos in the global voluntary standards: The case of the roundtable on sustainable palm-oil, Conservation and Society, Vol  14  Number  2-2016  p73-85. DOI:  10.4103/0972-4923.186332
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  • ROUSSARY,   A.,  BOUET  B.,  SALLES  D.,  (2015)  Of  Mice  and  Men:  European  Precautionary  Standards Challenged by Uncertainty , J Agric Environ Ethics (2015) 28:867–883
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